Joel Feldman of Anapol Weiss & Advises Personal Injury Attorneys on Helping Clients through Post-Trauma

Posted by Anapol Weiss on Sep 9, 2016 11:54:29 AM

In his advocacy for victims of distracted driving, Joel Feldman of Anapol Weiss, also advocates a paradigm shift in how personal injury lawyers conceive and respond to families’ grief.

444_P_Anapol_Weiss_Lawfirm.jpgMr. Feldman described in a contribution to the Legal Intelligencer how his own tragic loss inspired deeper insight into the grieving process of his clients and their need for information in wrongful death settlements. He explains that, with the best intentions, wrongful death attorneys often pursue swift settlements when auto insurers approve the maximum claim. They assume, as Mr. Feldman once did, that this is the best “closure” that they can provide a grieving family, however he advises that for a grieving family, "closure" is both elusive and frequently undesired—tantamount to forgetting their loved one.

Mr. Feldman advocates a shift in both procedure and attitude in wrongful death cases. First, he explains how his experience taught him the value of detailed information in comprehending loss and that he now makes a specific effort to obtain a written statement from the defendant addressing his client’s need for as much detailed information as possible. Secondly, he advises attorneys that in responding to their client’s grief, they must avoid suggestions of “closure” that may feel disrespectful to their loved ones’ significance and proscribes a deeper understanding of the grieving process that suggests seeking meaning through loss, a distinction that appreciates that a family can not close-the-book on their loved one, but can, in their post-trauma, open a new chapter that honors their memory.

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Wrongful Death

Posted by Anapol Weiss on Jul 6, 2016 2:22:23 PM

Losing a loved one is among the most painful experiences that a person can go through. That pain is only amplified when the tragedy was preventable. In the legal field, deaths coming from preventable incidents are known as “wrongful death.” Wrongful death claims include:

  • Fatal truck and car accidents
  • Medical malpractice and medical negligence
  • Defective medical devices and other defective products
  • Slip and fall accidents or other types of premises liability

In the aftermath of a family member’s death, the last thing that most people want to think about is pursuing legal action. Money can never make up for loss of life. However, many victims have dependents that will suffer financially without the income and support from the lost family member. The victim also might have accrued medical bills or other fees in dealing with the incident. Family members of the victim or beneficiaries of his or her estate can often seek to recover wrongful death damages in a lawsuit.

Furthermore, wrongful death lawsuits work to hold people and corporations accountable for their actions, gain justice for the victim, and prevent other deaths from occurring in the future. Too often, wrongful deaths occur because someone was careless and unthinking, or because a large corporation worried more about their profits than the safety of their clients. Wrongful death lawsuit settlements can help protect someone else from what you have suffered.

Every state has different laws regarding wrongful death lawsuits, so it is important for victims’ families to 302_AnapolWeiss_LawfirmR.jpgobtain legal assistance right away. Talk to a lawyer to find out the wrongful death statute of limitations for your situation. 

Anapol Weiss has significant experience with wrongful death law. For decades, our wrongful death lawyers have successfully advocated for the loved ones of those killed by someone’s careless behavior. Please call Anapol
to ask our wrongful death attorneys any legal questions. You may be able to gain a wrongful death settlement and hold accountable the person or company responsible for your family member’s death.

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